Saturday, April 24, 2010

*6 Months*

So Ava is 6 months old now! I cannot believe how fast that went by and it makes me sad that she is older but I also love it bc she is such a GOOD baby! incredibly perfect baby! She just smiles and plays all day! She love Bella to death, she just watches her every move and laughs at everything big sister does! Ava looks just like daddy and is very tall. She is eating baby food now...which makes her even older to me :( I love my girls so much and am feeling very greatful that I have such amazing, beautiful daughters in my life! Here are just some updated pics of the girls!!

Monday, March 29, 2010


So for some reason I cannot find time to blog anymore! Maybe bc I have two kids haha! Anyway life has been great lately and I am just counting down until the summer so we can be outside in the sun!! Rob has been really busy with his business and it is going fantastic!! We are seeing huge blessings from it and our goal is to build a house and have a pool one day....o yeah baby!!! Also so my husband can be self- employed and be home with his girls more ;) But until then....busy busy is my husband and I feel like a single mama sometimes! So I keep myself busy with Bella's preschool and taking the girls and doing fun adventures! We went to the aquirium the other day and had a blast! It was really cool...I was actually scared to touch the stingrays ( I know Im 24 and there were like 4 yr olds doing it) haha Im a baby! Here are some pics from that day...

We also had friends over the other night and played "Minute to Win It". I dont know if you have ever watched this game show, but it is hilarious! Rob and I watch it every Sunday, so I decided to host the show at my house! They have all the challenges online so it was really easy to set up and we had a blast! It was so funny to see some of the men do the different Ike Lewis scoot across the floor on a bath mat! ahahaha PRICELESS! We won money for each round won and at the end got to pick prizes in each money category! It was hilarious and quite the night!! Defying Gravity....Mega Bubble....Johnny Applestack....Spin Doctor....Breakfast Scramble...Magic Carpet Ride...Bite Me...Go The Distance....Seperation Anxiety...Movin On Up...Keep It Up.....Speed Eraser....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Past Few Months...

So I havent blogged since Christmas! I am such a slacker but Im ready to get back into the game now.... Lets see, since Christmas we celebrated Bellas 3rd birthday! I cant believe my baby girl is 3! She is so big and I love her so much! She has been such a joy in my life and I dont know what I would do without her.
We also celebrated Robs birthday! My man is 26! He hates his birthday and when I make it a big deal...but as long as hes married to me he will celebrate it and have fun! haha So I got a bunch of Robs old friends together that we havent seen for a long time and we all went to Happy Sumo for dinner, then came back to our house to chill and have cake! It was way fun....Love you babe!
We also had Valentines Day! I love Valentines day, but of course this year with two kids, it wasnt going to be a romantic getaway haha...So I made it romantic from home(after kids went to bed of course!) Rob made an incredible dinner for us and we watched a chic flic of my pick haha, then had some cheesecake for dessert which was delicious! Earlier in the day lets just say I bought a little something cute to wear and I will leave the rest of the evening up to you guys! ;-) I also made french toast and smoothies for breakfast in the morning....It was a very fun Vday!

So that was our January and February! I will post more of our March when I get the time! I cant wait for Spring to come so we can be outside more!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas, blessing and Bellas Bday!

So we are a little behind since the holiday is over, so Im going to mix it all into one!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! My parents came in for the holidays and they spoiled everyone! Rob and I got a Wii and a new video camera from my parents and little Bella got beyond spoiled! She had so many gifts she couldn't even open them all on xmas pathetic is that! Gramma loves to spoil!! Rob got me a beautiful new entertainment stand for our living room from RC Willey I got to go pick out and a new tredmill!! I love running and just listening to my ipod being kid free in our exercise room....My husband scored big points this year!!! ( I will post pics soon as soon as my entertainment stand gets fully decorated) Anyway, here r some pics.... We also blessed our beautiful little Ava on the Sunday after Christmas....everyone enjoyed it except me bc Bella tells me she has to pee right before Rob goes to start the prayer! So I run to the bathroom with Bella bc she told me she was gonna pee on me! Atleast Rob got to enjoy blessing her.....I cried for 3 hours after that! ahaha Traumatic day for a mothers hormonal feelings!
Bella celebrated her 3rd birthday! I cant believe my baby is 3!! It goes by so fast! We baked a cake together and made her a hat for preschool that day....she was so excited but when I told her she was 3 she says, " no I wanna be 2 still" like it was a bad thing! haha She is so cute! Happy birthday princess Bella!!